Good Scalp & Hair Care

Healthy hair starts from the scalp and with Sephora Collection's haircare, you will get the right attention from roots to locks. We chose to use recognized and known actives in formulas containing at least 90% natural origin ingredients. You can count on our easy-to-use essentials, from masks, scrubs, shampoos, and more to achieve gorgeous hair.


The strengthening shampoo is vegan and is formulated with Biotin known to strengthens hair from roots to tip.

The cleansing scalp scrub is enriched with Apple Cider Vinegar known to add shine to hair.


Enriched with powerful Phytoproteins and Provitamin B5, the hydrating hair mask is perfect to moisture and repair your hair.

Formulated with Biotin and Phytoproteins, the strengtening conditioner strengthens hair to bring it back to its strongest state.


Enriched with a combination of Biotin and Phytoproteins, this scalp serum brings density and thickness to your hair!

The protective hair oil enriched with Moringa & Vitamin F, repairs damaged lengths & protects your hairs from external aggressions. 


Take your favorite hair care products with you wherever you go - remember they’re enriched with super ingredients.